Pre-poll Action with Climate Choir

Higgins CAN at Climate Action Saturday with the Climate Choir

Higgins CAN, supported by the Climate Choir took the climate action message to pre-poll.

Higgins CAN volunteers handed out our campaign flyer while others aided Lighter Footprints in handing out the independent climate and integrity Higgins Candidate Scorecard, including the Candidates’ published policies, and the scoring rationale. The scorecard was organised by Lighter Footprints and GECAN.

Why has climate become the top voting issue in Higgins? I guess the answer is simple and complex. Simple, because we are all aware of accelerating climate impacts – the Black Summer bushfires, back-to-back 100 year floods – and complex, because unravelling our dependence on fossil fuels is no easy task.

But what is obvious is that Higgins voters are losing patience with government policies that have kept pumping public money into fossil fuel expansion, while we could be supporting the development of large-scale renewables, modernising the grid and getting on with electrifying our houses and transport.

A big thanks to the Climate Choir

There’s nothing quite like some singing (and a bit of humour) to lift the spirits of people waiting in a queue. The dinosaurs were a hit too!

Let’s all give ourselves a big round of applause for stepping up at pre-poll

The local community has been terrific, filling all the slots at pre-poll to hand out our material asking people to consider climate when they vote! We are also going to be able to staff priority booths on Election Day, asking people to put our kids first.

There is a real mood for change in Higgins, with people now much more aware of the need for climate action.

A very large national poll, with results for each electorate, found that in Higgins, 77 per cent of voters believe that climate action benefits would outweigh any costs involved, and 75 per cent of people believed that climate action would strengthen the economy. People in Higgins want to replace coal and gas with clean energy and storage as the number one solution this decade.