Climate Voices

Higgins CAN is a network of local groups committed to facilitating REAL Climate Action NOW!
We welcome people of all ages, interests and backgrounds who are concerned about global warming and want a clean energy future.

Meet some of our Higgins CAN community members who are passionate about promoting effective Climate Action in their local area.

Alison Wright, Glen Iris

I am voting Climate because Climate Action needs to be taken seriously by our leaders. The evidence is clear, the world is changing. We can do something about it, but need leadership to make it happen rapidly and responsibly, and in a way that ensures no one is left behind.”

Greg Hardisty, Ashburton

I’m voting for Climate Action because the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and all scientists are telling us we are on a last chance. I believe the situation is desperate.
Australia’s emissions are already 1.4 °C above 1910 levels. We need a government that will protect our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.”

Mary Mahoney, Ormond

“I believe in taking action on climate change because it really matters for the future of our children. What sort of planet are they going to live one if we don’t take action now? That’s why I’m voting climate.”

Jackie Yowell, Glen Iris

I’m voting for Climate Action because our generation, the baby boomers in particular, need to step up and take responsibility for fixing the great problems caused, even if unknowingly, to enable us to have such a good life.”

Kev Smith, Higgins CAN Committee

“The climate experts (the real ones) say we are in heaps of trouble, but they also say that it’s not too late to make a difference. Giving up is a cop out. That’s why I’ll be voting for ‘REAL Climate Action Now!

Helen Lester, Armadale

“I’m voting Climate because it’s our best chance to limit global warming. We need leaders who can see the seriousness of our situation and turn it into a positive.
It’s time to stop propping up outdated fossil-fuel industries and to kickstart a stronger, safer renewables-based economic future”

Tam Doan, Glen Iris

“This election will be the most important one in my life, and I’m in my seventies! I imagine it’ll be the most important in yours, too. We have to vote correctly this time.

Ben Wright, Toorak

“I’ve been lucky enough to have spent much time seeing and experiencing some amazing things around the world. We need to preserve them so that future generations can have the experiences I’ve had. We need to take responsibility for our actions and make changes in our lives. This will be so much easier with a government that helps us.”

Heather Murray, Toorak

“It’s time to step up and take responsibility for our actions. I’m voting Climate in order to get a government that will work harder on climate issues, help the world reduce carbon emissions and make the future less scary for our children.”