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On Friday (9th May) Federal Resources Minister Madeleine King released the Federal Government’s ‘Future Gas Strategy’ which outlines the need for new gas sources – a betrayal of the Labor Government’s commitment to the Australian and Pacific communities to deliver urgent, accelerated climate action. 

Take a moment now to ring or email Michelle Ananda-Rajah to tell her that:

  • Methane is a powerful climate accelerant
  • You are horrified by the announcement 
  • Gas exploration and production is an environmental and climate disaster
  • The gas industry is making a fool of the Government, ripping off the Australian economy and walking offshore with 94% of the profits they ream from this country

Contact Michelle today!
Call – 03 9822 4422
Email – Michelle.Ananda-RajahMP@aph.gov.au


Higgins Climate Action Network will be partnering with local representatives of the Australian Conservation Foundation, Move Beyond Coal, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, 350.org and GetUp! to convey a clear message to the Albanese Government: NO MORE COAL AND GAS 

Similar actions will be happening in electorates across Australia from Monday 29 April to Friday 10 May. Together we’re aiming to turn out enormous crowds of people speaking up for the climate – more than we’ve seen in years! With a federal election expected next year, and climate destruction getting worse, Rise Up is our moment to show the government just how powerful our combined movement for climate action is.

Please register below to join us at for our own local vigil outside Dr. Michelle Ananda-Rajah’s new electoral office, details below. 

Lighter Footprints is also supporting an action outside Senator Raff Ciccone’s office: Wednesday 8 May, 12PM @ 1A Blackburn Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130.
Contact Lynn Frankes 0425 843 685 for more info.

Thursday 2 May, 11am – 12pm

Michelle Ananda-Rajah’s (new) Office, Cnr Wattletree and Tooronga Rd,
(Tram Route No. 5) 


Senator David Pocock and Anjali Sharma are promoting the Duty of Care Bill in Parliament right now and need public support behind them to progress the legislation.

Join 13,000+ other Australians and support the bill with your signature below. 

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