Higgins Climate Action Network

As you may know, the seat of Higgins is set to be abolished at the next election.

Join us for a Pub Night to talk about the future for Higgins CAN. 

The HigginCAN team have been meeting regularly to work through a few options, and we will present these for your feedback on the night.

We really need your thoughts and ideas so we can decide the future of Higgins CAN collectively – your input is vital.

Please come along to the Malvernvale hotel on Wednesday 7th August 6pm for a bite to eat, and to join the discussion about where to from here. 

Wednesday 7 August, 6pm for a meal
Malvernvale Hotel, 1321 Malvern Rd, Malvern

ANZ has now poured tens of billions to fossil fuels since committing to limit global warming to 1.5°C.


Join us outside their headquarters in Melbourne to demand climate accountability 🌏✊ and tell ANZ to stop bankrolling climate collapse!

ANZ is Australia’s number #1 fossil fuel funder – wreaking havoc on our climate and environment by continuing to pour billions into new coal, oil, and gas.

It’s time to say enough is enough!🛑

Wednesday 17 July, 12pm midday
ANZ HQ, 833 Collins Street, Docklands

Thanks to everyone who came along to the recent rally on Friday 28 June at Michelle’s office in Malvern East. 

Snap rallies were held at a number of Labor politicians’ offices across the country to protest Labor’s two utterly outrageous gas project approvals – a coal seam gas project and a gas pipeline. 

It was great to see such an amazing turn out from all of you at short notice – we were certainly seen and heard that day on Wattletree Rd!!  


Senator David Pocock and Anjali Sharma are promoting the Duty of Care Bill in Parliament right now and need public support behind them to progress the legislation.

Join 13,000+ other Australians and support the bill with your signature below. 

Installed solar capacity is doubling every three years. To give an idea of the standing start the industry has grown from, The Economist reports that in 2004 it took the world an entire year to install one gigawatt of solar capacity (about enough to power a small city). This year, that’s expected to happen every day.

Read more about the future of solar  

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