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Work with us for REAL Climate Action

It’s that simple!

YOU can help create a healthier, happier future for your kids, all Australians and everyone on our planet.

Four compelling reasons for faster climate action

  • Our kids and grandkids deserve a healthy planet
  • More jobs in a green economy
  • Global warming is catastrophic for our health
  • Life on Earth depends upon a healthy climate

Join the Higgins Climate Action Campaign

Higgins voters want stronger Climate Action, clean energy, a healthy environment, and investment in the industries of the future. But our politicians are stuck on coal and gas.

We need representatives at all levels of government who will vote to clean up our energy system, electrify transport and protect our precious environment.

Australia needs to act right NOW to reduce emissions significantly

Climate Science is complicated but the message from the experts is simple:

“Ambitious action to reduce emissions isn’t just critical for the
environment, it is our path to a stronger and more competitive
economy that delivers more jobs in our regions and cities”

— Jennifer Westacott – Chief Executive Officer, Business Council of Australia

“Nearly half of humanity is living in the danger zone – now.”
“Many ecosystems are at the point of no return – now.”
“… a damning indictment of failed climate leadership.”

— António Guterres – UN Secretary-General

We’d love you to join us as we encourage our community in the federal electorate of Higgins to become better informed about Climate issues. We need help to shift the conversation towards Climate Action in the lead up to election.

Please click on the button below if you’d like to become a supporter. Tick the “Keep me in the loop!” box and we’ll keep you informed about our events and activities and those of our Climate-focused member groups.

We encourage you to consider joining one or more of these Climate-focused organisations:

Australian Conservation Foundation
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change
Doctors for the Environment Australia
Environment Victoria
Friends of the Earth Melbourne
Lighter Footprints

Election Day:
huge thanks to all the climate volunteers!

We congratulate all volunteers for handing out the Lighter Footprints and Glen Eira Emergency Climate Action (GECAN) independent climate and integrity Candidate Scorecard at pre-poll and on Election Day!

To see what the scorecard looks like and learn more about the Higgins electorate click HERE.

With Climate Action, you can volunteer as much or as little as you are able. Sometimes something as simple as making a phone call or sending an email during an important campaign can make all the difference. Remember, your vote matters too!